The Power of Mental Time Travel leads to HOPE.

Believe it and you will achieve it! #NoExceptions

The Power of Mental Time Travel leads to HOPE. Below is a quote from Nat’l Kids at Hope board member, screenwriter, author, and poet, Antwone Fisher poignantly describing his personal relationship with Time Traveling:

“I think back on a childhood of longing for belonging and see my life now as what I’ve created out of my dreams. An image comes to mind of Mrs. Brown at the orphanage in Cleveland, me sitting at her side telling her ‘You’ll read about me someday.” I was definitely dreaming then. With no evidence of that ever being possible, I clung to that preposterous vision and with the force of those dreams willed and made it happen. Not because I needed to be famous but because I needed a world that made me feel uninvited to be wrong. So I imagined myself free, I imagined myself loved, I imagined myself as somebody.'”