It was a great honour and privilege to have a brilliant young man, Paul Zeisler complete his cultural exchange volunteer Program with us for 30 days at our Centre.

Paul’s unique and bubbly personality, energy, self motivation, Compassion and Optimism are values very rare, and much yearned for in the world we live in today. You give hope and inspire so many by your good deeds. You have left a huge mark on every single individual you came into contact with during your stay with us, from the children, to the support staff, and even to complete strangers who had the chance to interact both briefly and at length with you.

You have enabled so many of us to continue to reflect on how better we continue to shape the shared destiny of humanity. This includes among others adressing issues such as climate change, poverty, access to proper Education and Health Care. It is these small acts, and selfless choices, that give way to this struggle. Choices similar to the one you took to come and share your joy with the poor in Uganda!

We wish you nothing but Success, Happiness and Good Health in your life’s journey and we do hope to have you visit again sometime in the future.