This is beautiful đź’–

Thank you to Yuma Successful Futures Program for coming to visit us at the Hope Center today. Here is 16 year old Zachary from Yuma, AZ sharing his beautiful poetry with us about his struggles.
“Haven’t seen her in a couple years so it wouldn’t be the same
Talked to her for the first time the other day and she didn’t know my name

So how you really think I feel out here trying to keep it real but still distracted from reality so I pop these pills
So yes I was depressed while living in different cubicles
Couldn’t stick to a mom so I stuck to the pharmaceuticals
Solving life’s problems by myself like a Rubik’s cube
Of course there’s people that say they care but I can’t see it from her perspective if she wasn’t there
My grandma and my dad were there for me on my worst days
So what was more important than calling me on my birthday
How do I even know she cared in the first place
When she wasn’t even there for my birthplace”
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