Since the pandemic first hit, at least one third of the world’s schoolchildren have not been able to access any form of learning, close to a billion students are still affected by school closures, and 24 million of the most marginalised children, of which almost half are girls, are at risk of never returning to a classroom.
Whether this has been caused by their parents’ loss of livelihoods, a pressure to take up child labour or care for siblings, the barriers that these children already faced have become even harder to break down.
Kirabo Doors Of Hope local staff and our network of excellent partners are working hand in hand to get as many children safely back to school as possible and ensure that they are not feeling the impacts of this crisis for years to come.

With your help, we can provide children with learning materials, school uniforms and dignity kits to ensure they can return to the classroom, provide remote-based learning methods for those who have not been able to return and provide their families with food, cash grants and livelihood support to help them recover from the economic effects of the crisis and afford the costs of sending their children back to school.

Give Once

EUR 60 could provide a girl in Jinja, Uganda with a dignity kit containing soap, underwear and reusable sanitary towels, enabling her to manage her period safely and with dignity and to ensure she does not miss out on her education now that schools are open.

EUR 100 could provide one household in Uganda with livelihood support, including training and a start-up business grant, enabling them to financially recover from the pandemic and afford the costs of sending their children back to school.

Give Monthly

EUR 20 could provide a child living in one of our communities in Jinja, Uganda with learning materials, including books and pens, ensuring they have the tools they need to complete our 6-month bridging programme.

EUR 30 could provide a distance learning package for a girl in our community who has either had to drop out of school or has never been able to go to school, allowing her to learn amidst the ongoing pandemic.

EUR 60 could provide crucial psychosocial support via counselling each month to a child in our community tackling the stigma surrounding mental health and helping them to deal with trauma resulting from conflict, displacement and COVID-19.