Tony Ssembatya Makayu Kimbowa, is our founder. Having spent 3 years at the helm of the Northern Uganda Civil War in the early 2000s, he was touched by the plight of Women and Girls, as victims of war. This ignited in him a desire to address the injustices done to Women and Girls, especially those living below the poverty line. His desire is that Women and Girls can access equal education and be granted the freedom to participate in the shaping of their societies.

He has worked with UN Women in New York and is currently conducting his Doctoral Research at Potsdam-Germany. His Research Interests focus on; Citizenship and Statelessness, Gender Based Nationality Laws, Post-Conflict Reconstruction, Women and Education. He is a recipient of the Friedrich Naumann Stiftung Fur Die Freiheit Scholarship

and previously a KAAD Scholarship Recipient at the ASH-Berlin and Alumni

Tony is a Representative to the UN for the Global Community Development Advocacy (IACD): and a recipient of the CDS Ted Bradshaw Award 2015 .

The Women in Education Agenda and Advocacy for Girls access to Education in Post-Conflict Nations are part of his passion with United Nations Girls Education Initiative Tony is also a founding Partner of Antolemo Strategy LLP, a management consulting and strategic advisory firm: