we value our partners and the important role they play in supporting our development and enabling us to offer targeted responses to empowering communities

For the past 20 years, Kids at Hope has been reviewing the scientific literature, conducting its own
research, and testing its conclusions in order to better understand why many children, regardless of the
risk factors, continue to beat the odds. Our partnerhsip with Kids and Hope, alongside Arizona State University-Hope centre is to aimed at enabling,empowering and awakening HOPE among children and Parents,especially those kept most on the margins of life
Founded by Joshua Ajayi, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, Natur Exodus makes effort to share with their guests the day to day lives of ordinary Ugandas. As one of the activities of visitors from Germany, a visit to Kirabo Doors of Hope Daycare is offered. Visitors have the opportunity to meet, interact with both the children and caregivers.
'The Catholic University Of Applied Sciences (KSH) in Munich, Germany supports Kirabo Doors Of Hope through an exchange program/placement where students undergo internship/placement at our Centre in Mbikko for a 5 Month period with a social mission and service to humanity.

St.Martins Church Kaulsdorf

St.Martvin eV which is a part of St.Martins Church Kaulsdorf has been supportive to Kirabo Doors of Hope,right from its inception. They donated scholarstic materials to our centre and continue to support our activities from time to time.
As a children's Centre Day care in NSW, Spunky Monkeys has partnered with Kirabo Doors of Hope, in order to enhance, enable and create a Children's Exchange Program. The idea is that children from both centres exchange letters, stories and photos, as a means to bridge the two worlds, and who knows maybe build meaningful friendships in the long run
Set up with the intention of uplifting the livelihoods of Children in Need, Johanneslhilfswerk partnered with Kirabo to receive any official donations for Kirabo Education Centre, that are made in Germany.