Kirabo Doors of Hope Organization was founded in 2011 by Tony Ssembatya Kimbowa and Teopista Kimbowa. The goal of this organization is to provide every child with a school education and to fightpoverty. Uganda has the lowest average age in the world and many children grow up without a chance for education. That is why Kirabo Doors of Hope has established a preschool for children ages 3-7 and is currently building an elementary school. The organization has also launched projects to empower the surrounding communities, especially for women and children.

The Kirabo doors of Hope organization is located in Mbikko, near the town of Jinja. People in the surrounding villages and suburbs of Jinja face several challenges on a daily basis. Many inhabitants earn their living as self-supporters, as farmers or through prostitution, gambling, drug sales, small street vendors or e.g. as boda boda drivers (motorcycle cabs as a common means of transportation). Diseases such as HIV/AIDS and malaria have a strong impact on people’s lives and many are affected by poverty. Especially children often suffer from the difficult circumstances in the villages. Some of them become victims of domestic violence, are married off early or live as orphans. Parents are also often unaware of the importance of education, and girls in particular are often neglected in the education system. The image of women is not yet emancipated and society is very patriarchal. Therefore, the Kirabo doors of Hope organization is especially committed to the promotion and education of children and the rights of