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To train children to appreciate their God given purpose; to equip the children with knowledge and wisdom about God and the world; and empower them to grow to their full potential by nurturing their gifts, talents and abilities.


To raise mature, independent, successful, God-fearing leaders that will change the world for Christ!


Kirabo Dooors of Hope Foundation was set up in 2011 by Tony Ssembatya Kimbowa with co-founder Teopista Kimbowa i response to the then growing surge of non-school going children. The initital idea was to address child schooling,poverty and to enpower,enable and inspire those born out of extreme wanting conditions. Since then,the foundation has grown to empower girls,young mothers and the general rural community into self sustaining skills.


No organisation or government working alone can solve child vulnerability. At Kirabo doors of Hope we believe that only by working together with children, their communities, and our supporters and partners, the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children can be transformed. We thank our partners below