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In theory, there is compulsory education for the seven years of primary school education. In practice, however, there are several reasons why a many children are denied a good education or education in general. Many children cannot attend school because they have to contribute to earning a living, for
example by helping in agriculture or looking after their younger siblings while their parents work.

In addition, many families cannot afford the tuition fees of private schools. Although there are also state schools for which school fees have been abolished for the primary school years, the quality of teaching in these schools is very poor due to significant underfunding. Often up to 90 children are in class and the
learning conditions are devastating. There are not enough teachers, no electricity and water, and there is often a lack of windows to protect the children from the rain.

Furthermore, there is a lack of teaching materials, such as books, pencils, etc. Due to the far too low financial support from the state, the schools often charge high fees for additional costs such as writing materials and school uniforms, despite the abolition of school fees. These additional costs alone often mean that families from poor
backgrounds can no longer afford to attend school.

The Kirabo Foundation works closely with the village leaders of the surrounding villages, who more or less perform the function of mayors. In Uganda, people are very well connected, especially in the villages, they know each other and there is a strong community cohesion. As a result, the village chiefs usually also have a very good insight into the private lives and financial possibilities of the individual families.

For this reason, they suggest the families with the greatest need for support for a sponsorship. Employees of the Kirabo organization then visit the families at home and assess the need. If the need for support is confirmed, the children are accepted into the sponsorship program.


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